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In 2011, Nordic Ways began its activities in the corporate events and leisure travels market. NOW is a DMC based in Stockholm, Sweden with offices in Brazil and in the USA. In Congresses and Events, we serve all Europe, Canada and USA. Within Incentives and Leisure, we offer exclusive services and programs in Sweden and other Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway).

Roberta Perez

Nordic Ways Owner and founder

''These are years of experience, 30 years of history, many countries visited, different types of services and customer profiles, but always with the same goal: to offer the best in services. My professional history mixes with my love of traveling, getting to know new places and people, my job is a pleasure. I'm very lucky to work with the segment I love. Planning a trip, guiding a large group or coordinating an incentive trip, congress or event is always challenging, but the reward of having a satisfied customer and a well-delivered project makes all the effort and dedication worthwhile. All of my field expertise, supported by my team, makes a difference in the quality of delivery of Nordic Ways services. Always working with passion and dedication''.
With passion we go further!

TIME Nordic Ways

We use creativity, know-how, differentiated service, and the best suppliers to give life to your events and make them an unforgettable experience. Our team is prepared and well trained to provide excellence in services. In our office, we speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.

Our team is led by Roberta Perez, a professional with great expertise and more than 30 years of work in the congress, travel and events market.

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Tel: +46 271 77 40 90