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Specialist in the Nordic countries, Nordic Ways offers the best routes and tours of the region with exclusive activities. Our team of guides is prepared to offer high quality tours in several languages.

For individual and group trips, we create customized itineraries and tours through Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Our team will assist you in choosing the best accommodations, transfer services, tickets for attractions and everything that is necessary to better suit your itinerary. Our tours are always personalized according to each client’s profile and we organize the best in logistics, always seeking the happiness of the final client.

We turn dreams into reality!


You will be fascinated by the beauties of the Nordic countries. Our team will prepare an exclusive and complete itinerary for your trip. Find out more about our destinations. 


The gateway of the Nordic countries offers a rich experience in architecture, art and history. Also known as the city of the fairy tales, its charming and astonishing palaces impress everyone who passes by. Do you like high quality gastronomy? Copenhagen is going to be an amazing experience for your trip.


Finland is a northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Helsinki is the Finland capital . The city is home to the maritime fortress of Suomenlinna, from the 18th century, the modern Design District and several museums.


A place that will provide you with a unique experience. You will be charmed by the huge underground ice caves in expansion, volcanoes of the most imposing, relaxing thermal baths, waterfalls, geysers, black sand beaches, steaming lava fields, Aurora Borealis, and even know one of the most famous SPA of the world, the Blue Lagoon.


The fjords assure breathtaking images for any traveler. Norway’s scenic landscapes were created by a succession of ice ages and did not suffer from human intervention. This is the right place for those who are seeking for adventure: skiing, wilderness safari, king crab fishing, hiking are a few examples of the activities in the country. Norway is a perfect combination of beauty and adventure.


What about living a unique experience in the hall where the Nobel Prize is awarded? Get to know the museum that houses the oldest warship in the world, or even enter the Swedish history, strolling through the oldest part of the city of Stockholm, the Gamla Stan district. Do you like castles and palaces? You can make an unforgettable visit to the Royal Palace in Stockholm or to visit the Palace where Queen Silvia lives with her family.


Lapland is a charming region, known as the land of Santa Claus, reindeers, huskies, elks, salmons, and the Sami people. It is a place where the sky changes colors and has different landscapes according to the seasons. There are Northern Lights during spring and fall, vast blue darkness contrasting to a white scenery of snow during the winter and, in the summer, it is the land of the midnight sun.

Nordic Ways can take you to the best of Swedish Lapland: visit Abisko, a city that houses a major scientific climate research center among other attractions; visit the LKAB Iron Mine in Kiruna – a town where mining is the main economic activity – or yet go on a dog sled trip to the Ice Hotel.

” We must dream, otherwise, things do not happen. ”
Oscar Niemeyer